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The essential skill you need to become the effective coach you want to be: Psychological Flexibility

Introduction Coaching is hard. It’s challenging emotionally and intellectually. It’s challenging behaviorally as well: coaching presents us with difficult choices and tests our alignment with our values.Coaching is hard no matter what your role is, whether you are a Scrum Master, an Agile Coach, a Change Manager, an Executive Coach,... Read More

Discover the secret skill you need to rapidly accomplish the change you want in your organization: Psychological Flexibility

Introduction Agile and digital transformations require changes in: delivery frameworks, tools, business processes and organizational structure AND, work-related behaviours and habits of employees. 2. is the harder part of the change. Coaching is used to aid this, but most coaching methods are not evidence-based so they may not work or... Read More

Uncertainty can ruin businesses and products. Why can feeling doubt make them successful, then?

Planning can create the illusion of certainty Bob asked Steven to create a plan, to provide a time and cost estimate for the second part of his project. Bob was a senior member of PMO, feeding information to the steering committee of Steven’s project. He had decision-making authority and formal... Read More