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Improved employee performance and well-being

I use evidence-based methods taken from the latest research in psychology to help your employees improve their performance and well-being, manage stress and achieve extraordinary results. It’s called the Psychological Flexibility model and it’s based on research into how human cognition works.
It’s used by a wide range of industries to improve performance, decision making and well-being.

If you want to learn more about how the Psychological Flexibility model can help you, please book a free initial consultation.
You can also read more on these sites (warning: quite technical):

Better decision making through Facilitation

I use a verbal intervention methodology designed to help groups or teams make better decisions and improve their working relationships in the process. It’s called the “Mutual Learning Framework“. Click here to learn more about it: 8 Behaviours for Smarter Teams.

I offer two types of facilitation to my clients: “standard” and developmental.

Standard Facilitation is when you need help with a specific decision you need to make or you are stuck with one specific topic. Maybe there’s an irreconcilable difference of opinions between stakeholders that blocks you from progressing forward on an issue.

Developmental Facilitation is when I help you become a Facilitator yourself. This usually takes some initial training and then an ongoing engagement for a few months (ranging from a few hours to a couple of days per week) where I help you become a Facilitator on the job.

Are you stuck? Does your team feel stuck? Coaching might be the solution.

I use evidence-based Coaching, both transactional and transformational, to help you or your groups/teams:

  1. Reach their full potential (increasing performance),
  2. Implement behaviour changes necessary to achieve their goals (adaptation to changing environments),
  3. Deal with workplace stress,
  4. Create more positive and productive team dynamics, improve working relationships,
  5. Increase employee retention and employee well-being.


Training and interactive workshops

After an initial consultation I will tailor the training you or your teams require:

  1. Duration: from half a day to several weeks.
  2. Place: on site, off-site or online.
  3. Attendees: from face-to-face up to 20 people at once.
  4. Content:
    1. Agile frameworks, methods and practices: Kanban, eXtreme Programming (XP) (including TDD, CI/CD), ScrumBan, Lean Startup, DevOps, NEXUS, LeSS,
    2. Waterfall project management (PRINCE2),
    3. Facilitation: better team decision making, improved working relationships and individual well-being,
    4. Coaching principles and practice
    5. Employee performance improvement and workplace stress management by learning to employ the Psychological Flexibility model.
    6. I design interactive games using evidence-based coaching techniques and the findings of neuroscience about how human learning works.
  5. I have a track record of teaching difficult to understand topics effectively and efficiently.

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